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End of Life for Non-RoHS Wirewound Precision Models

Bourns® Sensors & Controls Product Line is announcing the end of life for several Non-RoHS Wirewound Precision Potentiometer models. This announcement is being prompted by vendor phaseout of cadmium bearing raw material used to braze terminals to the wirewound element.

This notification affects the following models (Non-RoHS version):

  • 3700/3701 – Hybritron® 10-Turn Wirewound Potentiometer
  • 3750/3751 – Hybritron® 10-Turn Wirewound Potentiometer
  • 3500/3501 – Hybritron® 10-Turn Wirewound Potentiometer
  • 3590 – 10-Turn Wirewound Potentiometer
  • 3400 – 10-Turn Wirewound Potentiometer
  • 83/84 – 10-Turn Wirewound/Hybritron® Precision Panel Control

At this time, we are asking that customers assess their needs for Non-RoHS product and begin planning for last time buy orders in accordance with the following dates:

Deadline for accepting final orders: June 1, 2012
Final shipments to be made by: December 15, 2012

All orders placed for Non-RoHS part numbers will be considered NC/NR and may not be scheduled out. Last time buy orders will be limited to stock and materials on hand.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Customer Service/ Inside Sales.