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AVX Introduces First AEC-Q200 Qualified Axial Leaded MLC Capacitor

AVX announced it is shipping the industry's first axial leaded multi-layer ceramic capacitor to meet the latest electronic component qualification initiative for automotive applications.

Designated the Spinguard AA Series, the leaded capacitors are AEC-Q200 qualified directly from the AVX factory with PPAP (production part approval process) qualification data available upon request. There is no need for secondary qualifications at the user sight, according to AVX.

"The Spinguard AA Series axial leaded capacitors complement our existing AR Series radial leaded capacitor offering," said Dan Lane, marketing manager at AVX. "The advantages of the technology are a natural fit in both under hood and in-cabin automotive applications."

AVX axial leaded capacitors meet AEC-Q200 level certifications for capacitance values of 0.002uf, 0.01uf, and 0.1uf in 50 and 100 volts. The Spinguard AA Series is available in X7R dielectric and features an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, making the parts ideal for a variety of automotive applications.

Pricing for the AA Series typically starts at $0.075 to $0.200 for 10,000 piece quantities, depending on capacitance and voltage combinations with a lead-time of 11 weeks.