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AVX Guarantees Its Components Use Conflict Free Materials

AVX Corporation said it is the first component manufacturer to guarantee that all of its tantalum powder and wire will come from conflict-free compliant smelters.

AVX, a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, said as of this month, all of its Congolese tantalum raw material, powder and wire suppliers are fully compliant with the independently-audited Conflict-Free Smelter Program developed by the Electronics Industry Citizen Coalition and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative.

AVX also complies with current Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines concerning conflict metals. The guidelines provide recommendations to companies to help them respect human rights and avoid contributing to conflict through their mineral or metal purchasing decisions and practices.

“As the leading supplier of tantalum capacitors, AVX knew it was our responsibility to help drive the Conflict-Free Smelter Program, and be the first in the industry to provide only conflict-free tantalum products,” said Bill Millman, tantalum divisional director of quality and technology at AVX. “This is another major step forward in AVX’s continuing efforts to keep conflict minerals out of the supply chain.”

Millman added that AVX can now provide verifiable assurance to customers that all AVX products contain only conflict-free tantalum.

For the past ten years, AVX’s policy was not to use tantalum from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or any other area in which insurgents or similar groups benefit from the sale of minerals. Rebels in the DNC have used conflict metals to finance their war effort which has resulted in the deaths of millions of people.